Business Selling Agents Claims

Are you being hounded by a business selling agent?

Our Consultant lawyer, Tony Reeves has considerable expertise and success in cases where a business selling agent has been trying to claim commission. The usual scenario is a claim for commission on a business sale even though the buyer was not introduced by the agent. Is this your situation?

The cases we work on are for small business owners such as fish and chip shops, newsagents, hotels, restaurants, and garages.

A typical case revolves around what the small business owner was told before they were persuaded to sign the contract. Very often there has been a “hard sell” as to what the agent will do and achieve. Rarely does that match up to what has happened after the business owner has signed up and, again in the cases we handle, has paid over a hefty lump sum commission at the start.

Other cases involve whether there has been compliance [which there must be] with Money Laundering Regulations and with the Estate Agents (Provision of Information) Regulations 1991. If there hasn’t the contract in practical terms is ripped up.

If you have received a claim from a selling agent and are concerned what to do next then contact us today for advice as to what your options are.

The following are just some of the Judgments of the many cases where Tony has been successful:

  • RTA (Business Consultants) LTD v. Ferman Aksu [2018]

In this case, Tony acted for Ms Aksu who rang a fish and chip shop in Kent. The case concerned whether the RTA had complied with Money Laundering Regulations. Tony Reeves successfully argued that because RTA had not complied with Money Laundering Regulations, the contract never came into existence and so there was no liability for any commission by the business owner saving her thousands.

  • RTA (Business Consultants) LTD -v- MEHDI KARIMIAN (1) & PARADISO Ltd t/a MEDICI (2) [2018]

In this case, Tony acted for Mr Karimian who ran a restaurant in Hull. The case concerned a negligent statement made by the selling agents prior to the business owner signing the contract to employ the agent. Tony Reeves was successful in persuading the Court that there had been a misrepresentation and that there had been a failure to comply with Money Laundering Regulations.

Other cases:

  • RTA (Business Consultants) LTD  v. Cizek [2017]

Tony acted for Mrs Cizek who ran a Bed & Breakfast and successfully argued that the Contract was not a “sole selling rights agreement” and so his client has no liability to pay any commission.

  • RTA (Business Consultants) LTD v. Kondje [2016]

Tony acted for Ms Kondje and successfully defended a claim for commission on the grounds that a clause had been added to the contract after it had been signed.

  • RTA (Business Consultants) LTD v. Mclean [2023]

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