B2B Contract Disputes

Our contract claims work is entirely B2B (business to business). The range of commercial disputes we advise on is wide. This includes issues arising out of advice given by other professionals, claims against banks, claims arising out of joint venture agreements, from the delivery of heavy plant and machinery and agreements between insurers and businesses they work with. Finally, we regularly handle partnership disputes and claims between shareholders.

At all stages we assess the commercial and financial implications of the dispute.

Our client base spans entrepreneurs, start-ups, SME’s through to international PLC’s.

Representative cases include:

  • Acting for an international company with a seven figure dispute over a commercial arrangement to introduce business.
  • Acting for the UK subsidiary of an African company against a major UK steel company over the supply of a large shipment of steel.
  • A claim against an insurance broker for negligent advice regarding terms of an insurance policy taken out by a manufacturing company which was then unable to claim against its insurance policies leading to a seven figure loss.
  • Acting for a party who had entered into a joint venture agreement with two other companies to buy development land. Issues arose as to the terms of the agreement and the parties rights and obligations.
  • Acting for the sellers of a family owned business who sold out to a PLC. Issues arose as to the terms of warranties given by the family during the course of the sale of the business leading to a claim for breach of warranties.

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