Commercial Litigation

Disputes in business life rarely go away by themselves. Some sort of action needs to be taken. We know that they are a serious distraction for business people both in time and financial resources. The best way to deal with them is to try and resolve them before they get more acrimonious. Early attempts at resolution – by negotiation, round the table discussion or mediation saves money and are almost always worth exploring. But where court action is required it is pursued robustly.

As a niche firm it is rare for us to have issues over conflicts and we regularly bring claims against large businesses and institutions. It is common that the law firms on the other side are large regional or City practices. We have the knowledge, experience and expertise to compete with these firms. We are recognised as one of the “go to” law firms for commercial litigation.

How we work

Almost certainly, business people are sensible enough and commercial enough to have tried to negotiate settlement as soon as a problem has arisen but emotions can run high at the beginning of the dispute and business relationships can break down easily and quickly.  We can step in and approach from a different angle as legal professionals. We will stand by you in negotiations guiding you through the legal maze. If a dispute has gone deeper, round the table meetings, attended by us can help move things forward.  


Mediation is different from other types of alternative dispute resolution – it is not simply negotiation or arbitration or a dress rehearsal of trial.   It is about stepping back from the dispute; setting aside the legal issues and taking stock of what is really important – there is usually more to any dispute than immediately meets the eye.  Vitally, it is about regaining control rather than having that in the hands of the court. Often it is not just about the goods and money but about reputation, personality clashes, feelings of being let down or cheated and other issues which on the face of it, could never form part of a court action – yet are important to those involved.  Stepping back allows people to consider what the stumbling blocks to settlement really are so that business people can let go of what is not important to them to gain what is important to them.  There can be a win/win resolution.  We have solicitors who are trained mediators so we well understand this and can help to unravel disputes by involving a third party – a neutral outsider that is a mediator to act as a conduit to facilitate settlement.

At Fleet Law we can advise you the best options to achieve resolution of disputes as we have in-depth knowledge of all options.


Should litigation be the chosen course of action or if there is no choice in the matter because court proceedings have been commenced, then we will follow that avenue. Importantly, all our cases are partner-level led. This is not nominally in charge with all day to day work being handled by assistants  but day to day involvement. 

We are fully aware that for almost all disputes legal costs are a significant factor and the cost benefit needs to be monitored at all times.  

We consider all options of funding with clients including:

  • Conditional Fee agreements
  • Discounted CFAs
  • Before the Event Insurance Cover
  • After the Event Insurance Cover

We look to recover as much of the costs from your opponent as possible.

Our solicitors are there for you every step of the way – supporting, offering options, advising, guiding; working with you and for you.

For further information on how we can help you call our Managing Partner, Hugh Davey on 0333 344 5012 or out of office hours on 07914 897137. Or view our enquiries page.