Professional Negligence

Have you employed a professional and they’ve done a bad job? Have you lost money as a result? If so, we will claim compensation for you. You do not need to suffer in silence.

We regularly bring professional negligence claims against solicitors, surveyors, accountants, insurance brokers, financial advisers and architects arising out of mistakes that have occurred. The good news is that professional people have insurance to compensate clients when things go wrong. Most of our work comes from the localities where our offices are based that is the areas around Gloucester, Bristol and London.

We are a member of the Professional Negligence Lawyers Association. 

Recent claims we have worked on include:

  • Suing an accountant who gave the wrong tax advice;
  • Suing an insurance broker who under insured a factory which then burnt down. Damages recovered for the factory owner were in the region of £180,000;
  • Suing a firm of solicitors who negligently drew up a Will for a terminally ill mother who wished to leave her estate to her son but in the event he received nothing. Sum recovered for the son was approximately £200,000;
  • Claim against a firm of solicitors who handled the conveyancing for a purchaser of a property but failed to advise him of an existing planning application of the property next door. The property was then worth less. Sum recovered for the client was approximately £30,000;
  • Claim against a firm of accountants who failed to give proper tax advice to a business client. Sum recovered approximately £150,000;
  • A claim against a surveyor who failed to spot very substantial damp at a property which necessitated considerable repairs and decreased the value of the property. Sum recovered £85,000;
  • Webb and Webb v. JV Limited trading as Shepherd Chartered Surveyors in the Bristol County Court – Claim Number A40BS036 – claim settled on confidential terms; and
  • Representing the Executors of a substantial estate worth over £3 million against their former solicitors who had advised on Inheritance Tax planning including Agricultural Property Relief and Business Property Relief. Claim settled on confidential terms

Is this your type of problem?

If so, get in touch. See also our FAQ’s on Professional Negligence for helpful comments and guidance.

For further information on how we can help you call our Managing Partner, Hugh Davey on 0333 344 5012 or out of office hours on 07914 897137. Or view our enquiries page.