Building Disputes

Areas we cover:

  • Time for completion and extension of time;
  • Suspension and determination of works;
  • Remedies for non-payment;
  • Grounds to withhold payment;
  • Interpretation of documents, scope of works and design liability;
  • Liability for defects;
  • Ownership of materials;
  • Adjudication – availability and pros and cons;
  • Litigation or ADR – pros and cons;
  • Standard form contracts and service of notices; and
  • Contractual remedies for breaches

Disputes over Building Work, Decorating and Home Improvements

When you ask a builder to carry out work on your home, you put your trust in them that they will complete the job properly, to a good standard, on time and for the amount that they quoted you. Sadly, sometimes this doesn’t happen.

At Fleet Solicitors our experienced lawyers can help you achieve a positive outcome in a variety of building disputes. We recognise that if the dispute involves your home it can be particularly stressful and needs to be resolved as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

We deal with the following types of dispute on a regular basis:

  • Disputes regarding the terms of your contract;
  • Disputes regarding payment and overcharging;
  • Disputes regarding delay in carrying out the work;
  • Disputes regarding work that hasn’t been done or work that hasn’t been done to an acceptable standard; and
  • Claims against professionals (surveyors, architects) for incorrect advice

We resolve these disputes by using a variety and sometimes a combination of methods including negotiation, mediation or traditional court proceedings. We will advise you of the most appropriate method for your dispute.

Some of the recent matters our lawyers have dealt with include:

  • Representing homeowners in a claim against a building contractor for overcharging for work done and for defective work. Advising on the right to bring the contract to an end;
  • Advising a homeowner on a claim against a surveyor for failing to identify various issues with the property in the survey report, involving the NHBC in the dispute to help resolve the issues;
  • Assisting a homeowner in a claim against their architect for giving them incorrect advice as to what they should do and what time-limits applied when challenging requests for payment under the terms of their contract; and
  • Negotiating a successful settlement between a homeowner and building contractor in a dispute over payment and defective work concerning a substantial extension and improvement works at their country property.

See also our FAQ’s on Building and Construction Disputes

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