Construction and Engineering Disputes for Businesses

If you are a business working in the construction and engineering industry, you will be fully aware of the impact any dispute can have on your cash flow. Disputes generally lead to delays in getting the work completed, delays in getting paid and general bad feeling.

At Fleet Solicitors, our experienced lawyers provide legal advice to businesses in the construction and engineering industry, focusing on providing the most efficient, cost effective and commercial solution to any dispute.

We regularly advise on the following types of dispute:

  • Disputes relating to contract terms;
  • Disputes relating to non payment;
  • Disputes relating to final accounts including claims for delay and extensions of time;
  • Disputes relating to defective work; and
  • Claims against professionals (surveyors, architects) for incorrect advice

We resolve these disputes by using a variety and sometimes a combination of methods including: adjudication, arbitration, mediation, negotiation and/or traditional court proceedings. We will advise you of the most appropriate method for your dispute.

Some of the recent matters our lawyers have dealt with include:

  • Defending a Midlands engineering company in court proceedings for non payment and making a counterclaim for defective work. The claim was settled on favourable terms for the client;
  • Assisting a Midlands construction company with a dispute over payment, delay and claim for extension of time.
  • Advising a Worcestershire construction company on contract terms and negotiating a successful settlement over payment terms;
  • Representing a Gloucestershire construction company in a successful adjudication concerning contract terms and non-payment;
  • Successfully mediating a dispute between a Gloucestershire construction company and homeowner over issues of non payment and defective work; and
  • Advising a Worcestershire small business on a claim against a large contractor. The large contractor considered that they could use their larger size and bargaining power as a tactic to bully the small business. Our lawyers did not allow this to happen and ensured a successful resolution to the claim within a matter of weeks, preserving the small business’s cash flow.

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